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   In 1984, the local government of Tianjin and the Institute of Coatings and Chemical Engineering of the Ministry of Chemical Industry jointly established the research-production joint venture, which pioneered the research and production of automotive electrophoretic paint in China, and was also the first domestic manufacturer to produce polyamide varnish and use nanotechnology to produce electrophoretic paint. The company has served well-known automotive enterprises such as FAW, China Second Auto Works, Jianghuai Automobile, Futian Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Guangzhou Isuzu Automobile, Tianjin FAW, and participated in the formulation of the national standard of electrophoretic paint, which has made a brilliant history. In 2008, Xinlihua Company was fully restructured into a private enterprise, and the enterprise entered the fast track of rapid development.

  Since year 2008, the company has expanded its product diversification strategy and started to devote itself to the research and development and production of chemical materials in glass deep processing industry. At present, the company's main products in this field are mirror coatings and glass coatings. With leading technical advantages, stable quality and high quality management, the company has become the preferred supplier in this field. Based on the strong market advantages in China's glass industry, our company has set up a special R&D team and R&D centers in Shanghai and Europe, focusing on the research and development of various high-performance special glass coatings. With the global attention to environmental protection, our company is also starting to develop advanced, cost-effective industrial coatings to meet the urgent needs of the market for environmental protection coatings.

  NBC attaches great importance to R&D technology and talents. The company has advanced technology centers, with annual budget for R&D expenses, dedicated to technological innovation; the company gives great respect to talents from all aspects, and for different positions, do a good job of career planning for employees. Because of this, the company is growing at a high speed of 50% every year. Every product of our company has independent and self-help intellectual property rights, and has  real commercialized. At present, our company has 13 authorized patents, including 6 invention patents, 7 utility model patents and 35 patent authorization trials. In 2012, our company invested in the establishment of Vornia Biomaterials in Europe, which is involved in the field of biodegradable materials. Vornia develops pharmaceutical-grade biomedical materials such as polyglycolic acid (PGA), poly-acid milk (PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL), polylactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer (PLGA), and has large-scale equipment production process and advanced production equipment. We are committed to becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of biomaterials in the world. In Europe, Vornia not only provides high quality and stable products for pharmaceutical enterprises, but also cooperates with several internationally renowned biomedical enterprises in project research and product development.